VRC Documentation

Below you will find links to various VRC documentation options. If you are an experienced controller and would just like to get a feel for VRC, start with the Quick-Start Guide. The Quick-Start Guide covers the general concepts of how to start, configure and operate VRC. It also includes a brief explanation of the differences between ASRC and VRC. For a detailed description of all VRC features, read the User Manual. Finally, all users are encouraged to read and print the Command Reference.

English Documentation: (Updated for version 1.2)

Non-English Documentation: (Version 1.2)

  Arabic: Observer's Guide
Italian: Command Reference / User Manual
Chinese: VATPRC Site

Non-English Documentation: (Version 1.1)

Italian: Command Reference
Spanish: Quick-Start Guide / User Manual

Non-English Documentation: (Version 1.0)

  Arabic: Quick-Start Guide / Observer's Guide
Catalan: Quick-Start Guide / Command Reference
Chinese: Quick-Start Guide / User Manual
Croatian: Quick-Start Guide / Command Reference
Finnish: Quick-Start Guide / Command Reference
French: Quick-Start Guide / User Manual
German: Quick-Start Guide / Command Reference
Greek: Quick-Start Guide
Hebrew: Quick-Start Guide
Polish: Quick-Start Guide
Portuguese: Quick-Start Guide / Command Reference
Spanish: Quick-Start Guide / Command Reference / User Manual
Italian: Quick-Start Guide / Command Reference

If, after reading the documentation, you still have a question about installing, configuring or using VRC, please post your message in the User-to-User Support Forum.

Many thanks to Ruth McTighe for the Observer's Guide and to all those who provided translations!

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