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  Managed Hosting Services

Metacraft exists to fill the void between the common "discount" shared hosting companies and the higher-end dedicated server providers by offering what we call Managed Hosting Services.

Our clients need services and support that cannot be obtained from typical shared hosting companies, but they also do not want to spend the money on dedicated server solutions and the long term commitments, required staff, and costly recurring fees that come along with them.

Metacraft serves the middle ground. We not only offer rock-solid hosting and skilled development, but we also build personal relationships with our clients. We support our clients with direct one-to-one communication. If you have a question, you can pick up the phone and talk to a person right away, and then ask for that same person by name the next time you have the need. You simply cannot find that level of personal service with the typical hosting company, and that's what counts when you have special requirements for your web presence.

That same level of service applies with our Site Development Services as well. If you need a custom feature on your web site such as a store locator or an interactive product browser, we can provide custom programming services for you. Read more about that aspect of our business here.

The hosting services we provide include:

  • Domain Name Hosting. (
  • Virtual Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Management
  • Co-located Server Management
  • Email, FTP & DNS Services
  • Database Server Management
  • Site Usage Reporting
  • Site Growth Management
  • Custom Data Redundancy & Backup Solutions
  • Interactive Chat Server Management
  • Threaded Discussion Forums
  • Secure Server Management
  • Intranet and VPN (Virtual Private Network) Management
  • Other Customized Hosting Requirements As Needed


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